Wednesday, May 31, 2006

bye for now

stupid alarm was ringing. snoozed it

alarm went off again. had to wake up.
had to make sure that everything was ready..
phoned the cab

took some pics before cab arrived. realized that the sky was clear - another beautiful day that im going to miss, until a year from now.

arrived at the bus station. kind of felt stupid for being extrapunctual. i was like the 3rd person to arrive there for the morning.
but then, it felt quite serene sitting there. rather quiet for a change. the air was fresh (1 thing i despise most about bus stations is the exhaust fume from that wretched diesel engine). the birds were chirping. and i lip synced 257 weeks by nine days

boarded the bus, paid the driver. bus went off.
goodbye westside, goodbye pak mat, goodbye aldi, goodbye korg sume.
till we meet again in september

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