Friday, August 29, 2008

mari learn u all punye ABCs ngn abang peqli

A is for aku bosan
B is for bosan!!!
C is for cukup bosan la
D is for dammit bosan sungguh
E is for ey bosan la wei
F is for fairuz amatlah kebosanan
G is for gile babi la bosan
H is for haih, aku dilanda kebosanan
I is for ish, bosannye
J is for jeng jeng jeng... aku bosan...
K is for "kekekekeekeke," gelak peqli yg kebosanan
L is for laling laling, i bosan la
M is for memang, aku tau aku bosan sebab aku malas nk buat ape2
N is for namun begitu, aku berasa terlalu bosan utk berbuat ape2
O is for ooo ooo ooo ooo mengapa aku berasa bosan
P is for peqli bukannye tak berasa bosan
Q is for Q tak diperlukan untuk mengeja perkataan bosan
R is for Ridzwan berkata, "kenapa kau kebosanan peqli?"
S is for Seraya peqli menjawab, "aku bosan sebab aku takde bende nak buat la wei"
T is for tah aku dah takde idea sebab otak aku dah bosan buat bende ni
U is for uuu uuu uuu bosannye
V is for vosan la wei
X is for x penah rase x bosan camni
Y is for ye, obviously aku tgh bosan gile
Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

terima kasih kerna telah membuang masa yg berharga anda bersama peqli

Thursday, August 28, 2008

cuba tgk ni
first of all
tahniah kepada anwar sebab dapat masuk parlimen balik setelah ape yg berlaku
aku tak rase banyak orang yg mampu la buat sebegini rupe lepas dah kena macam2
agak exemplary jgk la

tapi ari ini aku sakit ati sebab bende ni

kamon la wei
nko tu dah kontrol sume tv newspaper dan radio
kasi la diorg gune internet
blatant claims/accusations tu
macam la korg takde dalam tv newspaper
play fair la
korg pun ade je gune internet
tp kenapa lagi ramai rakyat lagi percaya malaysia today jeff oii rpk etc etc
sebab conspiracy theories diorg nampak lagi convincing dan logik kot dari yg korg punye websites ngn akhbar n tv
rakyat makin sakit ati dan webmasters ngn editor boleh je buat mirrors
bukannye susah pun nk pindahkan websites. copy and paste
kire ape yg korg cube buat = gagal teruk

bpr pun
kalau lah betul2 nk cuci msia ni
g la tangkap menteri/timbalan menteri pihak kerajaan jgk kalau ade bukti yg kukuh
kalau sekadar ahli DUN pembangkang negeri memana, or just some government servant yg J1/JUSA, rakyat still tak menaruh kepercayaan sgt laa
takpun anak2 diorg ke or sape2 la
tunjukkan yg korg hardcore and berani mati la
you're going in the right direction kot
(tapi selama ni pegi mana? before pru12?)

cuuti lagi 10 ari je
selamat berpuasa lah korg sume

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just... classic


pure genius + facebook + time to kill = as below

sori la kebar.. tu je template yg tinggal yg sesuai.. hahaha.. ko sungguh bernasib baik

postscript - aku tak photoshop la.. gile ke ape aku nk PS muke korg satu per satu.... ade website yg buat sume tu.. ade kat gambar tu...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Got time? Read this!

I was at the wet market last weekend and saw how a fishmonger slaughter a live freshwater fish. He pinned the wriggling creature to the ground with his left hand, and with his right, whacked its head hard, knocking it unconscious. Then he shoved a piece of wood inside the fish’s mouth. With one end of the piece of wood jammed in its mouth and the other end held by its killer, the poor fish couldn’t get away. Then the young fishmonger began to de-scale the fish with a scraper. After less than a minute of that, he removed the wood from its mouth and tossed the fish to his buddy who then sliced the still-alive fish open and removed its guts. With a piece of wood shoved down its throat, it must be terrible being a fish.

It must be equalling tough being a frog. The frog seller grabs the frog by its body and whacks its head against the chopping board, stunning it motionless but still alive. He then snips off its toes, turns the frog over, slices its stomach and peels off its skin, all in less than a minute. One can still spot the heart beating weakly.

It must also be tough being a bird, even a performing parrot. This bird had been performing at the Ecopark of the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for years and had been trained by its trainer to count cards. Star of the show for kids? Yes, but stardom didn’t help. Last year, when the Bird Flu was it its worst, the performing parrot was stuffed into a plastic bag and burnt alive (with all its exotic feathery colleagues).

It must be tough being an honest cab driver, especially now during Visit Malaysia Year 2007. To begin with, you spend money installing a meter in your cab that you don’t use, although you know you are supposed to use it. Because most of the other cab drivers don’t use their meters (preferring to fleece and fry their passengers instead), you are expected to follow suit. If you do not conform, you get ostracized by your mates and they don’t welcome you into their circle anymore. You get shooed away if you try to join them for teh tarik. Yet, you know it’s wrong not to use the meter.

It must be tough being a Mat Rempit (illegal motorcycle racer). You have a miserly paying day job working as a low level employee where even the nasi lemak girls don’t take a second look at you. Your salary is hardly able to sustain your smoking habit and you know you will never become rich. Your only possession is your motorbike, from which you derive the only entertainment in your life - racing at night, or performing stunts to impress girls. Wow, while your Chinese friends waste their lives playing Counter Strike in cyber cafes, you get to be admired by the girls. If only your boss could see you, he wouldn’t think you are just an unmotivated office boy. So you spend all your savings on a cheapskate black jacket and on souping up your bike, to make it run faster, roar louder, but no matter how fast it runs and how loud it roars, it will always be outrun and outroared by another bike. So you lose face, and sometimes you even lose your girl in a race. During those rare occasions when you win a race, the police suddenly appears and the party is broken up before you can collect. Worst, the police confiscate your keys and you have to push your bike 7 km to the nearest police station.

It must tough being a goldsmith robber. To begin with, you must always carry a hammer in your bag, to break the glass cases with, and that thing is cumbersome and heavy. Then you can never be sure if the in-house CCTV is functioning or it’s just there for show. Also, there is the security guard to take care of. It’s alright if they employ an old gizzard because you can always outdraw him, but sometimes they employ an out-of-job marksman. Then assuming you and your mates manage to grab the loot and run, you can never be sure whether your mate manning the getaway car is still waiting there with the engine running or he’s distracted by some Siti lookalike. Or you forget to rehearse getting inside the car, and in your haste to get away, end up with two people trying to get in by the same door, banging each other’s heads. Worst, there could be an off-duty cop around and he puts a bullet into somebody’s head. What if it were the driver’s head that he put the bullet in? Who’s going to drive the car then? Alright, assuming the rest of you get away from the scene of the crime without being shot, change cars, change clothes, change Mykads, and drive non-stop all the way to the Thai border, how can you be sure that there would not be a police party waiting for you because the guy who was shot was stupid enough to be carrying his hotel door card, and if that’s not bad enough, he could be carrying his handphone with your number stored in it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"gamer for life"... well takdelah teruk mane pun title tu

last poll result on "aku nak kawen..."

sebelum grad 0 (0%)

right after konvo 1 (11%)

1-2 years bekerja 5 (55%)

before aku reach 30 2 (22%)

30+ 1 (11%)

aku malas nk kawen.. buat semak je 0 (0%)

Friday, August 15, 2008

sape tak bukak website ni memang dungu abis

klik disini

(ready or not, (final med) here i come)



gambar2 tersebut adalah gambar pasukan bola keranjang negara sepanyol yang kini berada di sukan olimpik beijing 2008

racist macam najib!

Mao zhuxi wansui!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

yah!!!satu lagi link..

this looks serious..bace tul2 kalo berminat.

sila klik di sini

i think emotions are running high about malaysian politics nowadays..
from the comments i've seen from blogs, ppl are mostly talking
out of their asses rather than their mouths.

ps: aku xde bende nk la byk2..ahahah

kena tipu... tchi tch tch

ade orang kena tipu baiki laptop

tapi takpe
bkn ko sorg je kena tipu
satu dunia kena tipu juga

tapi memang tak patut betul la ape yg diorg buat ni
tak beretika langsung
aku memang kesian

p/s: ape hal lately bnyk post yg ade link kat news. aku salah kan jali.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

aku jarang la gune the f word kan

but seriously

what the fuck is the meaning of this?

mane diorg nk dapat duit 200mil+ tuh?
korg rase2?

yang lagi satu ni ape hal pulaknye?
dah lepas beli mercs nak beli laptop pulak?

ingat laptop tu bagus sangat ke utk tolong belajar
ktorg tak payah gune laptop pun mase belajar dulu2 tapi did fairly well jugak la dengan hanya menggunakan buku, pen, dan kertas

ahmad said ni reti bazir duit je a. memang bengong.
bkn die sorg je
politicians sume mmg gune duit macam makbapak diorg punye.

p/s: ape berita pasal mercs tuh? diorg gune lagi ke? aku blur. paper kena gam eh?

Hiburan dalam negara

dari berita harian..

sian lak aku tgk bini dia tu..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Aimee's prediction came true..

Monday August 11, 2008
Oil jumps above US$116 on Russian-Georgia conflict

dari star online..

Friday, August 08, 2008

malaysian politics...

old vids..

(what a shame..)

(sape paham ckp kelantan?boley translate kan? in my opinion, the guy in the ketayap is purposely provoking and aggravating the already aggravated guy..i'm not sure,but his facial expression looks like it..)

sekian.terima kasih.