Friday, November 26, 2010

ISP Liability act

this is from the star 26/11/10. link

KUALA LUMPUR: A proposed new law will enable Internet Service Providers (ISP) to suspend or terminate the Internet accounts of P2P (peer-to-peer) users.
ISPs will send two warning letters to illegal downloaders. Should the downloaders still persist, the Internet access will be suspended or even terminated.

I think some people just don't understand how internet works. there are so many ways to download stuff , if you want it. there are so many ways to conceal your IP, and we still can use youtube for godsake.

In order for ISP to effectively doing their job when this law comes to effect is preparing a list of sites that need to be blocked, to make their job easier. we all know where it is going after that, the list will get longer and longer.

Anyway, this is not about download, this is about controlling what you can and can't access on the internet. somebody else will decide what is good and what is bad for you. E.g Hitler.

This means, somebody, somewhere is monitoring your internet usage.

I'll end this rant with advice from Ministry of Love, which is "do not commit thoughtcrime".


peqli said...

aku tak rase msia akan implement ni, at least in the next 10 yrs, once die buat je aku rase ramai yg terminate internet diorg atau amik basic package je, sbb most yg amik higher end packages sbb nk dl speed yg laju, so nnti pokai la tm maxis etc

yg pasti cmne pun, piracy mmg tak membantutkan keuntungan moviemakers, kat msia aku tgk makin ramai org g tgk movie sbb msians mmg outgoing and mostly bukan jenis suke hangout kt pub/nightclubs, so ape boleh buat? tgk movie/main bowling je la.

yg sepatutnye diorg buat adalah cutdown on shitty movies, ari tu aku g tgk cite skyline, mmg taik gile membazir gile aku bayar 13rm utk tgk cite yg hina, aku rase plot comparable to skrip2 movie2 senario, harap effects je lebih

p/s: kite kena buat bachelor party utk jawa ni wei

Najib said...

aku sokong bachelor party utk jawa. aku balik nnt jom la lepak dgn aku jap. ko bukan jauh sgt pon kl tuh.