Wednesday, December 20, 2006

darn it

something ridiculous happened today.
while vaccuum cleaning my laptop's keyboard
the "1" key got sucked off
so i took out the vac bag
and sifted through the dust, lint and hairballs
for that 1 key
ala-ala csi
thats about everything i guess


xenin2705 said...

same cam farah je nih
dia pun ckp ade satu key kat board dia tercabut sbb di vacuum

Adilla said...

yea yea i got "s" sucked by my vacuum once. but it was handheld so senang je nk retreive balik :D

whatever i am saying, it's not about you. said...

ye ye najmi, it was the letter J. Kehkehkeh!

Welcome to the club la encik peqli-kun.